Scalp Detox Treatment

Scalp Detox Treatment- Instant scalp moisturizer and exfoliant. Alleviates itchy scalp and redness. 

Repetitive treatments will heal and remove dry flaky scalp and reduce the reoccurrence time frame. 

Available in:

Professional use ONLY


*Deep Cleanses the Scalp
*Exfoliates and Removes Dry Scaly Scalp
*Heals the Scalp 
*Helps to Eliminate the Appearance of Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Scalp Flaking Disorders

“...Ladies suffer no more!!! Honestly, I had no clue what was causing my uncomfortable and embarrassing scalp issues. I have spent years searching for relief, not to mention the hundrends of dollars on shampoos, ointments, moisturizers and scalp treatment of which turned out to be a hopeless waste. Celeste has a proven solution for dry, itchy and flaking or inflamed scalp! Receiving the Scalp Detox Treatment has absolutely changed my life and is totally affordable! Celeste is an experienced instructor and knowledgeable professional. It is exhibited in her products and expertise. Thank you for always delivering a phenomenal experience!

- T. Smith