About Celeste, her Services and Products

Celeste began her beauty journey in 1988. She desired to be in the top 10% of the beauty industry. She obtaibed Manicuring license by age 16, a Cosmetology license by age 17 and an Instructor license by age 26. To grow her beauty business, she completed a Bachelor of Professional Studies concentrating in Corporate and Business Structure.  She is in love with helping others maintain their beauty in the healthiest way possible. Celeste travels the world teaching fellow beauty industry professionals product use, knowledge and salon business. She has worked on television sets, photo shoots and written pieces for beauty industry magazines. As scalp issues and hair loss began to rise, she focused in on formulating solutions.

Schedule services online 24/7 at your convenience. Health is the first priority in all services.




  • Shampoo and Style
  • Phusion
  • Relaxers
  • Color
  • Hair cuts
  • Strengthening Treatments
  • Hair and Scalp Treatments
  • Waxing


"I love the services Celeste provides at PBC, INC. My hair is healthy and I get compliments all the time. She is quick and well worth the visit." - Angela